Two-way radio remains valuable; its reliability and simplicity are of great benefit to many settings. But for many cities and densely populated areas available frequencies are becoming increasingly scarce, leaving users looking for new solutions.

User requirements are becoming more complex too, with the expectation of extended features to go beyond localised voice calling. Users need advanced automated features such as lone worker protection and personnel tracking, with wide area coverage unlimited by any geographic constraints.

G6 are delighted to be partnering with TASSTA; the industry leader for PTT solutions.
We’re always working to bring you the most robust and appropriate solution for your communication needs.

TASSTA products provide the full package of Individual, Group and Priority Calls, Messages including Data Transfer, Voice Recording, GPS and In-House Tracking, Alarm, Emergency Solutions, Push to Video and task management and many other features, including integration with other communications platforms. TASSTA connects over the IP network ensuring that you are not limited by geography. Our multi-network roaming SIM cards, and our compliance with the 3GPP standard for Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT), means that we offer a robust, state of the art and completely futureproofed solution using TASSTA products.

G6 Global are one of the few authorised partners for TASSTA; these products are not supplied direct to the end user.

TASSTA Push-To-Talk solution
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Indoor Localisation
TASSTA Indoor Localisation
Locate objects and people/users inside of a building and maintain in constant contact with them wile following their location. Based on fingerprint technology, the user’s location will be only followed by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection.

Lone Worker Protection
TASTTA Lone Worker Protection

A personal alarm system used by employees who are continually working in dangerous environments and it ensures their safety. The network can implement and provide user- and device-initiated, alarms in emergency situations.

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TASSTA PTT Offers instantaneous communications over LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Supreme solution for mobile workforce communications, expansion of Two-Way radio systems and PTT-enablement of third-Party applications.


T.BRIDGE is TASSTA's professional middleware solution providing interconnection with any PMR network.

TASSTA provides a middleware solution to help any business overcome the challenges of integration by interconnecting a PMR System with TASSTA’s features. T.Bridge is designed to integrate TASSTA with a PMR network over voice (group and individual calls) and message communication. Furthermore, it is created as a supplementary part of T.Rodon Command and Control Centre Solution.

TR.Pro provides a dispatching solution including all PMR system main features. The TR.Pro application is based on T.Bridge middleware technology plus T.Rodon. Easy-to-use and easy-to-scale. TR.Pro is designed for PMR networks for voice (group and individual calls), messaging (including status messaging) plus GPS Localization and Emergency.

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