For the healthcare sector communications need to be unobtrusive and reliable, there when needed and invisible most of the time.

Monitoring, paging function and security will be core services as well as data control to allow staff to monitor the availability of resources at times of high demand.

A combination of digital radio, as well as other technologies including POC, can help provide Lone Worker, Man Down, GPS Tracking for outdoor positioning, BlueTooth beacon technology for locating devices (and therefore people) for in-building use and wireless connection to phone systems.

There’s additionally the prospect of automating part of the process; for security in particular and the process of differential access to both site and buildings; for different people at different times. Internal location beacons around the campus bring real-time coordinates and mapping for use inside buildings. When this is put together with external GPS device locations, it will allow for tracking of any device users.

Communications for healthcare operations
healthcare control room

We Provide

  • Consultancy, Design Installation and Global Support.
  • Best in breed equipment supply including Radios, Accessories, Application Software and Connectivity networks.
  • We can provide support at any level. From basic business hours only to unsurpassed levels of support meeting the most demanding of SLAs.

Intelligent surveillance anywhere

Two-way communications with integration to alarm panels and coupled with CCTV and Artificial Intelligence provides the complete security and management package.

Whether installing CCTV for the first time or adding to existing provision we can work together to see where there’s the possibility of integration with other elements of your communication system. CCTV, coupled with AI, can become an integral part of site control, motion detection, vehicle identification, fire alarm, public address systems, perimeter control and much more.

Projects from all corners and all cultures of the Earth

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, governments and NGOs giving us a unique insight into the way different organisations communicate. Let us put that to work for you.

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Protecting the national heritage
Communications for the National Trust of Britain

We support the National Trust across many sites bringing radio communications to the site. These systems are integrated with fire and intruder alarms.

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Close protection and residential security
Close Protection Security communications

We look after the close protection and residential security teams communications for a number of HNW and UHNW clients both in the UK and across the world.

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Keeping safety connected
Communications for the DVSA

We work with the DVSA on an ongoing migration from analogue to digital which has now passed into the first trials of Broadband Push to Talk coupled with an LTE solution.

Technology Benefits

  • Uses established connectivity bearers - 3G, 4G, 5G or a
    Wi-Fi network to provide communication
  • IoT integration with seamless applications.
  • Gateways to other technology such as landline phones, email and CCTV systems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wide range of devices and manufacturers
  • Rapid deployment & re-configuration
  • No licences required
  • Highly secure with end to end encryption

Questions about what we do?

If you’ve ideas to explore, need to ask us something or have a project enquiry then get in touch?.