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We bring radio, satellite, voice and data communication to complex, often covert, settings. We’re not being overly dramatic when we say much of what we provide is ‘mission critical’. Our clients work in some of the most geographically challenging and dangerous environments on Earth. Part of our skill set is to work with you to understand your operations; exactly what you will need from your communication provision. From there we will make certain that we bring state of the art onto your site; capable of delivering without compromise at any level.

All our engineers are highly experienced and many hold security clearance at SC or above. Many are former military personnel with Special Forces experience with time served working overseas in hostile environments for both military and commercial clients. The details of much of our work cannot be revealed for security reasons; protecting both our clients and their sphere of operations. But from The GRID, right through to the work we do much further afield, we’re here to produce the most up to date, appropriate solution for all our clients.

Our clients include Chelsea Football Club; providing security, protection services and radio systems infrastructure, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency; working to track the position of their fleet and increase their operational efficiency, numerous projects with Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre as well as various Special Forces Teams both in the UK and overseas. For each of these we’re there to deliver the most effective and appropriate communications solution.

Please Note:
The case studies represented below are not exhaustive but serve to demonstrate the diversity of our work. We are agile, efficient and, where the need arises, discreet.

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London’s sporting excellence
Communications for Chelsea Football Club
G6 has worked alongside Chelsea Football club since 2014. We provide communications for the whole site at Stamford Bridge and also at the Cobham training ground.

Communication on large scale sites, such as this, is a mixture of considerations, from crowd safety to perimeter control, including offering support to staff.

G6 has managed a migration from analogue to DMR and we have added multiple dispatch positions and an in house security control room. We have recently begun to incorporate body worn cameras as part of the package to increase security and accountability.

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An investment
in safety
Communications for Crane Currency
We work with Global Security within Crane Currency, a fully integrated supplier of secure, durable and well-designed banknotes for central banks all over the world.

Owing to a change in communications strategy, they came to us to provide, at very short notice, an LTE solution to replace their older TETRA network. They now have a robust private LTE network at one of their locations, providing secure communications and leading safety features, with the added benefit of public network switchover. The LTE system and control platform features provide global coverage, a perfect complement to their travel and transport security arrangements.

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Keeping safety connected
Communications for the DVSA
The DVSA is spread across the country, with many different offices all needing to work together. G6 are currently facilitating a migration to a future proof broadband LTE digital solution.

A consistent approach is necessary to enable efficient record keeping and to allow safety requirements to be met and exceeded. We work with the DVSA on an ongoing migration from analogue to digital which has now passed into the first trials of Broadband Push to Talk coupled with an LTE solution. This has enabled them to stay abreast of changing technologies and provide the best value for money on investment in digital future proof communications.

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Protecting the national heritage
Communications for the National Trust of Great Britain
The National Trust supports some of the most valuable cultural heritage in the British Isles. Maintaining safety and communication across these pristine sites is a priority.

We support the Trust across many sites bringing radio communications to the site. These systems are integrated with fire and intruder alarms with actions delivered to DMR VHF radios carried by staff. Stewards on site use a local paging system that enables them to call for assistance and receive alerts where necessary.

We currently look after:

  • Anglesey Abbey - Cambridge
  • Wicken Fenn - Ely/Cambridge
  • Sherbourne Park Estate - Glos
  • Prior Park Landscape Gardens - Bath
  • Dyrham Park - Bath
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Wild Camel Protection Foundation
Communications for Wild Camel Protection China
Wild Camel Protection Foundation, with foundation capital provided by Cable & Wireless, to protect the last known habitat for wild bactrian camels.

Ranging across northern China and Mongolia, the Gashun Gobi desert is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. In little less than a month we installed an HF network at the access points to the sanctuary, an area roughly the size of Wales. This is to protect the camels that otherwise become a food source for the subsistence miners in the area. The network is used by the Chinese State Environmental Protection Agency whose rangers patrol the protected area.

Often in areas such as this we would find ourselves using SAT Comms as potentially the only source of connectivity. The systems we use operate globally enabling easy integration with vehicles or structures.

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Iraqi Civil Defence Corps (HF) Radio System
Communications for Iraqi Civil Defence Corps
Working with British military personnel we took a brief to supply, install and commission a High Frequency radio network in an undisclosed region of Iraq - using mobile, fixed and portable installations.

As well as the installations we also trained local users how to use the equipment and how to maintain the system. G6’s deployment team are former military personnel with Special Forces experience with time served working in hostile environments. For this mission it meant that we were able to handle the situations of our accommodation compound coming under nightly bombardment from insurgents during this period.

SAT Comms can often be an additional asset in these settings - bringing to the disposal of users dependable communications for all operations.

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Close protection and residential security
Communications for Close Protection Security
Communications for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients.

We look after the close protection and residential security teams communications for a number of HNW and UHNW clients both in the UK and across the world.

We can only allude to the services we provide to these clients and can’t name names.

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300km radio network
feasibility - Tunisia
Oil-Pipeline Tunisia Communications study
Long distance communications feasibility study across Tunisia.

For a UK technology company, we carried out a feasibility study for a 300km radio network to support construction of an oil pipeline through some challenging terrain. The planned design would transmitted telemetry data as well as communications for engineering and security teams.

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Classified as
TOP SECRET Communications
G6 have been involved in a number of projects with the FCO, UK Special Forces, US Special Forces and Netherlands Special Forces.

Because of the nature of these operations we can only elude to our association to these projects. All details are classified and come under official secrets acts within multiple countries.

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Helping Prevent Corruption in Angola
Helping Prevent Corruption in Angola
Our experience in Angola was quite a different shape.

Here we worked to bring communications to a team working to prevent corruption within the financial services and accounting functions of government. Secure communications here were working for the longer term, practical good of the locality.

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Rwanda - during the 1994 Genocide
Rwanda - during the 1994 Genocide
Our team was on the ground during the 1994 Atrocities.

G6 deployed a wide-area radio system bringing communications to several non-governmental organisations who are working to support the country’s own population that had been displaced within its borders during this shocking time.

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Sierra Leone
Police Force
Communications for the Sierra Leone Police Force
On short notice - less than a week.

We designed, ordered, programmed and deployed a 300 radio VHF and 20 site HF network for the Sierra Leone Police Force. Supported by the local UK High Commission. To fulfil such a tight time-line we had to move about the country by helicopter or by a locally chartered light aircraft.

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