Wherever you are in the world we’re here to get your system live. Our experience spans almost every landscape.

We can provide support on an ad-hoc or contractual basis as you need it. We can also arrange periodic checks to assess both your requirements and the condition of any equipment. Our technicians are OEM trained with all the skills, knowledge and experience to resolve issues efficiently.

Where necessary and practical there’s the potential for G6 to connect securely to your network and then perform re-programming and make any alignment alterations. This means that we’re ready to provide support to your staff on the ground on whatever basis suits your business.

We have an absolute commitment to quality for all our activities. Our engineering professionals combine many years of experience with solid, ongoing engineering training at all levels, demonstrated by our accreditation to ISO9001. Additionally all our installations comply with our own Communications Installation Manual, which covers in detail; frequency & licence compliance, equipment compliance markings, location of equipment, siting of antennas, cable runs (for power, radio frequency transmissions and control, installation techniques, fleet mapping, commissioning & testing, remote networking, OTAP and more besides.

G6 installations for communications
G6 Test equipment

We’ve got the experience and technical know how to carry out fixed infrastructure installations on UK and overseas sites.

Whatever the set-up or the situation on the ground - our experience of extreme environments across the globe means that we have a huge back catalogue of cases to draw upon. In the developing world there are often no absolute defined standards. There is often a peril in appointing local experts where their experience and references cannot be confirmed.

Vehicles & fixed devices

We have the skills to install communications equipment into your vehicles or into fixed locations. We’ve a mass of experience accrued over a wide range of vehicles and settings. G6 is also in the unusual position of having the skill set to complete such installations, where necessary, in a covert environment.

G6 Global is a member of the FITAS accreditation scheme and all mobile installations are carried out to the FC1362:2010 UK Code of Practice for the installation of mobile radio and related ancillary equipment in land based vehicles.

system design

G6’s team have the ability to see things from a different perspective.

training services

Support your staff with the right training from the very start.

Questions about what we do?

If you’ve ideas to explore, need to ask us something or have a project enquiry then get in touch?.