The British Security Industry Association
The British Security Industry Association

We are pleased to announce our Associate membership of the British Security Industry Association. The BSIA is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK. Their members are industry professionals ranging in size from global companies to small and medium enterprises, offering quality products and services to a vast spectrum of end-users.

Introducing the most secure smartphone in the world

G6 Global are delighted to announce that we are now a UK partner for Bittium from Finland. Bittium design and manufacture tough smartphone devices, with the highest of security requirements, for professionals. Their latest offering, the Tough Mobile 2 provides one of the most secure ecosystems we have ever seen. Data is protected at all times with multi-layered security.

G6 PoC Explained
The Future of radio communications

Gone are the days when you could only communicate a few kilometres with your two-way radio, now you can talk to your colleague in the next borough, town, county or country. Yes that’s right, this is global push to talk, and it’s the future of wide area group communications. We've produced a simple and easy to follow guide to the future of group and one-to-one radio communications. Click Here

Tracking Personnel using
Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Being able to track your personnel outdoors using GPS is straightforward. Our smart devices with their GPS receivers use satellite triangulation. But they rely on clear sight of skies. But what about indoors location mapping when there are no clear skies to rely on?

The Emergency Planning Society

Critical Communications are the bridge between humanity and disaster. Each emergency, each disaster brings new challenges. Our membership of the Emergency Planning Society let's us contribute our expertise and grow our own understanding as well as bringing a better service to you, our customers.

Staying Grey
(LinkedIn Article) by Andy Clark

Following on from the excellent article by Adam Scholl, "The Gray Man Concept You’re Doing it Wrong”, led me to think about some of the comms implications associated with trying to maintain a low-profile as an EP or Surveillance Operator in different environments.

G6 Web-Shop
Open for Business

Our online shop is now open for business. All the products are handpicked as first class and are partnered with the best of accessories. We have put together the experience of our engineers and the feedback of our customers to build a business-building, solution-driven catalogue.

WLAN/IP Two-Way Radio

We’re pleased to be supplying our customers with Icom’s IP radio – letting you stay in touch with your team across any WLAN or IP network. Using communications structures that often already exist the system offers scalable, licence free communications to keep your business connected.

6 Global are celebrating
G6 Global are celebrating

In these busy times some things should not pass without celebration! So, as G6 is 21 this month we’ve celebrated by building a new website and refreshing our branding! The new site will highlight the things we do & the range of people we work with; we look forward to unveiling it to you soon!

Low earth orbit satellites
Push to Talk Radio

This is a beyond line of site (BLOS) push to talk radio using the Iridium constellation of low earth orbit satellites. Talk groups are set up and managed using a remote portal, enabling you to define multiple areas of operation. Click over this news item title to read the full article on LinkedIn.

2020 - the year of push-to-talk

2020 is going to be the year that sees push-to-talk over cellular really gain traction. Let's be honest, why wouldn't it? - Unlimited range - Superior audio quality - GPS location - Guard tour - Emergency & Lone worker protection. Click over this news item title to read the full article on LinkedIn.

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