For our customers within London we provide our own communications network in the form of The GRID.

The GRID offers handheld coverage outdoors extending to the area defined by the North & South Circular roads; with a high power vehicle radio this extends to the M25. The system can be accessed permanently or on an as needed basis using our tariff based access. As a network it’s perfect for anyone needing secure communications; for a limited period or permanently. It’s widely used by our security sector clients requiring close protection work and high net worth estates.

Two-Way Communications across London
Digital Two-way radio for London
G6-Produuct range for London coverage network


  • Population density often means no availability of frequencies for new systems within London. The GRID runs on its own unique frequencies providing our clients with a hassle free and secure line of communication.
  • Choice of technology including customisation of OEM and development of bespoke applications for use over the network.
  • Quick Setup and deployment either long term or short term hire.
  • Private and Secure. Customers accessing the service will be assigned their own, secure user groups with no risk to data security; protecting each set of individuals and identities.

Peace of Mind

  • The GRID is monitored 24/7 maintaining communication continuity.
  • Initial consultations will confirm device options and confirm operational coverage.

Who can access the Grid

  • Security & Protection
  • Estates & Campus
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Fixed term projects
  • One off special projects

G6 Track record

We bring radio, satellite, voice and data communication to complex, often covert, settings.

Covert radio

Where a totally covert approach is required we can supply
the necessary equipment.

Questions about what we do?

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