The impact of using drones to complement your operations is diverse. Their use increases safety, protects assets and saves money.

From wind farms to large outdoor festivals, drone technology adds an advantageous dimension to your organisation. Drones serve many purposes, they can be deployed to enhance security, to carry out inspections and surveys, to collect data, and to record high resolution aerial images and video. In our fast-paced world, they are becoming indispensable tools for today’s business owners.

With the power to transmit information directly to mobile devices, a central hub or emergency responders, a drone is invaluable when an incident’s events need to be captured and acted on swiftly. They can also assist in the detection of threats and risks to better protect lives, equipment, buildings, and the environment.

Here at G6 Global our mission is to maintain a seamless flow of communications and data, to keep people safe and to ensure businesses and events run efficiently. Our drone service has been developed to mirror our mission and to meet your unique needs no matter your sector.

Drone inspections and surveys
 Windfarm inspections and surveys

We’ve invested in the knowledge and skillset needed to expertly deploy drones commercially adhering to strict drone flying regulations.

Drones are empowering all businesses to move forward at speed. Drone footage eliminates the need for time consuming planning, the erecting of tall infrastructures, the risks involved when working at height and provides instant insight with accuracy. Utility, renewable energy, security and military organisations are already benefiting from saving effort, time and energy.

3D in-depth data

Miscommunication, inaccurate data and lengthy inspections are the three main reasons why organisations lose money and time. A drone’s positioning system captures detailed footage and is able to carry out specific surveys depending on the needs of a project, and its software transmits this accurate data seamlessly.

From complex space inspections to surveillance operations our drone service will prove invaluable. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and allow us to tailor a solution to match your exact needs with the assurance that all laws will be met.

G6 Track record

We bring radio, satellite, voice and data communication to complex, often covert, settings.

Covert radio

Where a totally covert approach is required we can supply
the necessary equipment.

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