Communication connects everything that we do. G6 Global exists to create the best communications system for your operational needs.

G6 Global is based in Bristol, England. Our team has worked in almost every corner of the globe; Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Libya, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, and many other locations.

In the United Kingdom we work with a wide variety of commercial and public sector clients.

For our clients within the M25 we created THE GRID, a fully secure digital communications network. This provides coverage for vehicle and hand-held portable radios out to the North and South Circular. This is the only network of its type for the sector within London.

Covert Communications across London
Communications for Military operations
Communications across London

We design, supply, build and deliver integrated communications solutions to mission critical settings.

Our staff has experience of working in hostile environments; often with military personnel. Our client base is made up from Security Companies, Close Protection Teams, Surveillance Companies, HNW & UHNW clients both in the UK and across the world, whose communications needs are complex and mission critical.

We bring you the right solutions

We will find the most robust and appropriate solution to your communications needs, frequently integrating many different technologies. We have the management skills to deliver to the highest standards; having invested in modern network planning and project management tools. We can demonstrate a complete, secure and accountable audit trail for all services and equipment.

At our core we are reactive, responsive and agile. We take pride in being at the leading edge for our field and are committed to staying there.

Communications Installation

We can provide support on an ad-hoc or contractual basis as you need it.

G6-Global Track Record

We bring radio, satellite, voice and data communication to complex, often covert, settings.

Questions about what we do?

If you’ve ideas to explore, need to ask us something or have a project enquiry then get in touch?.