G6 are unique; learning from the clients we’ve worked with, over such a wide range of projects and in so many different landscapes.

G6’s team have the ability to see things from a different perspective. Whatever your operational needs we will work with you to fully understand what you need from your systems. All our staff are continually educated in house, with on the ground experience and manufacturer trained. They’ve years of service in the field alongside commercial and military clients.

We take practical and commercial security seriously for all our clients and will work to obtain clearances and permissions where relevant; e.g. work on covert operations or with children and vulnerable adults. For every new installation we plan each stage of the commissioning and we can additionally provide training for all users where required.

Each countries legislature operates its own system of registration and licensing for radio spectrum usage. New licences in some urban areas are difficult to obtain due to the huge number of users. Where necessary we’ll work with you on the process of obtaining and maintaining licences. Within the UK we’ve experience and familiarity of working through the OFCOM process.

G6-Global Design and Planning

We Provide

  • Technology consultation & planning
  • Installation planning & consultation
  • Coverage area analysis & consultation
  • Frequency consultation & applications management
  • Groundworks planning and project management including sub-contractor procurement and oversight

Our role is to stay at the forefront of our sector. We understand that not every technology is appropriate for each client and we will work with you to design a system that brings in the best of what is available and appropriate from Push to Talk technologies POC/ LTE and DMR through to WiFi links and any other technologies necessary to create a system that works for you.

Covert Communications

Where a totally covert approach is required we can supply
the necessary equipment.

Installations by G6 GLOBAL

We can provide support on an ad-hoc or contractual basis as you need it.

Questions about what we do?

If you’ve ideas to explore, need to ask us something or have a project enquiry then get in touch?.