When Everything Matters:
Mission Critical Communications

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The Grid: London Coverage Network

Radio communications & more for everything you value in the Capital

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Broadband Push-to-Talk: at work everywhere

Communications technology:
safety, security, integration and more

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Secure & Covert Communications

Protecting Privacy
for high profile individuals

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  • Covert Radio Hire
    Covert Radio Hire
    For Surveillance &
    Close Protection
  • Two-Way Radio Commuications across London
    London Coverage
    Two-Way Radio Voice,
    Data & Apps Network
  • Broadband Push-to-Talk Communications
    Push to Talk
    Wi-Fi | 3G | 4G | 5G

Communicationconnects everything that we do

We take pride in being at the leading edge of our field and are committed to staying there.

About G6 Global


We have experience of every conceivable communications technology and will bring together the best mixture of elements to meet your needs.

Insight and ExperienceYour business is unique. Our design and planning team reflects that.

A wide mixture of projects, almost every imaginable setting, and clients across the globe means that we deliver an individual service every time. When we come to design and build a new system, we’ll work with you at every possible level to create a communications service that meets your needs and grows with your changing operations.

System Design and Planning

Sectors we Serve