Tier 3 Trunking

DMR Tier III covers trunking operation in frequency bands 66-960MHz. The Tier III standard specifies two-slot TDMA in 12.5kHz channels. Tier III supports voice and short messaging handling similar to MPT-1327 with built-in 128 character status messaging and short messaging with up to 288 bits of data in a variety of formats. It also supports packet data service in a variety of formats, including support for IPv4 and IPv6.

That’s the technical bit in a nutshell, but what does it mean in practice?  For many years large radio systems with multiple sites and a range of different user groups, have been server with either MPT1327 or TETRA.  MPT1327 is an analogue system and, whilst still perfectly functional, has been superceded by digital technology.  TETRA has long been the de-facto standard for many public service and government agencies but it is complex to install and support and attracts a premium price tag.

Tier III is the digital version of MPT1327 and will be the new system of choice for many existing users of the analogue MPT networks.  If you are currently using an MPT1327 system and are considering migrating to digital, then call us now on +44 (0)1454 610050 and we will talk you through the migration path from analogue to digital.

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