Support & Maintenance

The on-going support and maintenance of any radio system is key to its optimum performance and longevity.  Manufacturers regularly release firmware updates for their radios, fixing bugs and enhancing operation and we believe it is important for all radios to be up to date in order to benefit from new features and optimised performance.

External components need to be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage.  Caught early this can be remedied, but left to progress it can become a problem that causes system degradation and leads to unwanted downtime.

Circumstances change and the system may need to be altered, perhaps adding or deleting radio users or changing groups of users to a different working profile.

For all of these reasons, having a Support & Maintenance package in place is a wise decision.  We offer a flexible range of support services with each one tailored to meet your specific requirements; we understand it is not a ‘one size fits all’ and will ensure the support you are offered is the support that you need.

Our Support & Maintenance capability is not limited to the UK.  We work with organisations across the world providing both remote and on-site support from first line preventive maintenance to third line board level repair.

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