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COBRA™ is designed to meet the needs of users who need high power, portable UHF and VHF communications in a compact and rugged package.

The COBRA™ unit is self-contained, self powered and can be deployed in a variety of scenarios.  The system design will accommodate virtually any make of commercial digital mobile radio.



 In a patrol scenario, where the unit is carried, it is fully self-contained with its own battery and antenna.  There is a choice of audio options including standard microphone, headset with boom microphone, bone-conduction systems and many more.

The COBRA™ bag is lightweight with a stand-alone battery life in excess of 12 hours.  Variants allow it to be paired with flexible roll-up solar panels to charge the battery whilst mobile or static.

 A variety of antenna options, including a telescopic micro-antenna ensure that you can communicate successfully from virtually any location in any situation.



For vehicle operations the system can be connected to an external antenna and powered either from its own self-contained battery or from the vehicle via an external flying lead.   

There are a variety of audio ancillaries available from a simple speaker microphone through to a noise cancelling headset for use in noisy environments; COBRA™ can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

Depending on the type of radio selected, a remote control head can be fitted enabling the transceiver to be mounted out of site whilst enabling the passenger or vehicle Commander to continue to control the radio.



For temporary or permanent static locations the unit can be mains powered and connected to a fixed antenna in exactly the same way as a conventional base station.  The advantage is that it can be immediately removed and deployed in another role.

This is ideal when the duration of an operation is uncertain and locations may be compromised requiring rapid redeployment of resources such as during an intelligence gathering or CTR surveillance task.

The COBRA™ comes as standard with:

  • Backplate
  • Radio mounting bracket (radio specific)
  • 7Ah Lead Acid battery
  • DC charge/power lead
  • Mains fast charger
  • COBRA backpack
  • Custom designed whip antenna
  • Standard magmount antenna (3m RG58 coax cable)
  • Choice of digital mobile radio