Point-to-point solutions allow sites to be cost effectively linked without the need to bring in a third party network provider such as BT.

Depending on the technology chosen sites as far apart as 50km can be linked with single or multiple hops.  Much of the technology currently deployed is in the licence free bands, specifically 5.4 and 5.8GHz. 

As the name implies, no licence is required to implement these solutions in the UK and across Europe (this may not be the case in other countries).  This makes them a quick and cost-effective way to link sites.


Point to Multipoint solutions deliver proven, scalable and interference-resistant connectivity to multiple business, institutional, municipal or residential locations. These solutions are available in licensed or unlicensed bands.

These are ideal in situations when several buildings need to be connected together, for video surveillance and CCTV networks or for high-speed LAN or WLAN networks.


Mesh solutions provide cost-effective wireless broadband connectivity and access designed to work across cities and enterprises.

Mesh networks offer broad-area, high-speed fixed and mobile coverage, even in tough and remote environments like ports and mines. They also help municipalities provide high-speed wireless connectivity that enables universal public access, more robust public safety systems and increased public works productivity. As they can scale to many kilometres, mesh networks are ideal in large, outdoor environments.

Wireless is becoming increasingly critical for businesses, with outdoor wireless mobility playing an important role in the overall success of an organisation. You therefore need outdoor wireless solutions to perform at the same high level that traditional wired and indoor wireless networks do.

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