Fixed Site Installation

Installation at fixed sites both in the UK and overseas is a G6 core capability.  Getting it right in the UK can be difficult enough, but carrying out a technically competent installation in a hostile environment, often under duress in extremes of climate and within very tight timelines, is beyond the capability of many organisations; despite the fact that they say they can, usually they can’t.

Within the UK and Europe the required standard is well documented and relatively easy to achieve.  Despite this there are many companies who offer communications installation services but, in reality, do not know the first thing about how to complete a technically robust installation.

When it comes to locations in 2nd and 3rd world countries, there are often no defined standards and ‘everyone’ is an expert.  It is not surprising then, that many companies elect to use local ‘experts’ simply on the basis of cost saving.  This is a mistake and a major miscalculation on their part.  Having often invested several tens of thousands of pounds into equipment, it is complete false economy not to have it installed, commissioned and tested by a reputable company whose bona fides can be verified.

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G6 Global is a member of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) and all fixed site installations are carried out to the FC1311 Cods of Practice for Business Radio Site Engineering: 2013.

But we go further than that: in addition to the FCS Code of Practice, G6 has its own Communications Installation Manual, which covers in detail areas such as:

  • Frequency & Licence compliance
  • Equipment compliance markings
  • Location of equipment
  • Siting of antennas
  • Cable runs (Power/RF/Control)
  • Correct & safe use of hand tools
  • Installation techniques
  • Fleetmapping
  • Commissioning & Testing

 This process is internally and externally verified as part of our ISO9001 process.  A copy can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base of the G6 website

Before you engage a company or individual to carry out any fixed site installation work for you, ask them some of the questions in our FAQ at the top right of this page.  These are fundamental technical questions and if they can’t answer all of these to your satisfaction, we would recommend you look elsewhere.