Covert Radio Hire

For Surveillance and Close Protection operations when a totally covert approach is required, we can supply the kit.  G6 is the only company in the UK offering fully covert personal and vehicle radio options for hire.  The equipment is provided in a unique package and is ready to use right out of the bag.  Our covert hire option is available 24 hours a day for that short notice task you didn’t see coming.

Beware other radio companies interpretation of the word 'covert'!  Most of them consider an audio accessory with a curly acoustic tube, a la US Secret Service to be covert!

All radios are licensed allowing you to benefit from the improved performance offered by these radios over the cheaper and less capable ‘licence free’ options, and G6 secure all of the necessary licences for operation within the cost of the hire.

In London, you will also benefit from included access to THE GRID, G6’s fully secure London-wide digital radio network.