About G6 Global


G6 Global has been providing quality specialist telecommunications services to a wide range of clients for almost 16 years. Our primary goal is to understand your business, because only by doing that can we hope to provide you with a correct and comprehensive solution to your communication needs.


Since the inception of Tier 1 & 2 digital radio in 2007, G6 has become a leader in this field. Taking a strategic decision to focus primarily on the digital platforms has set us ahead of many of our competitors. With the arrival of Tier 3 Digital Trunking, we are once again positioned to take this exciting technology forwards and help existing an new customers realise their goals of a streamlined and cost effective communications capability.


Our client base is varied; we work extensively with Government Departments, Special Forces Teams, Private Security and Military Companies, Close Protection Teams, Residential Security Teams, Surveillance Operators and Armed Protection Teams both within the UK and beyond. We specialise in operating alongside our clients in hostile and high risk environments within the Security, Oil, Mineral and Gas Exploration sectors and with NGO’s responding to rapid onset emergencies.

Our ‘Deployable Packages’, many of which are unique to G6, enable you to deploy at short notice and hit the ground running. Our kits are comprehensive, capable and easy to deploy and recover, making the life of the communicator on the ground easier and more secure; we’ve done all of the thinking so you don’t have to.