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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What is the best radio for surveillance use?
    Currently the two viable options commercially available are the COUGAR TEAM from Thales and the X1E from Hytera both available from G6.
  • What is so good about the COUGAR TEAM radio?
    It is unique.  No other commercially available radio has the features it offers, which include meshing and webBridging, at the same price point and in such a compact package.
  • Do you hire radios for surveillance tasks?
    Yes.  We believe we are the only company in the UK who have fully covert solutions within our hire fleet, including the ultra small Zodiac radio.
  • I work in London; is there a radio network I can connect to to improve range?
    THE GRID is G6’s secure, London wide, digital network available exclusively for the use of operators within the security space; that includes individual surveillance operators and teams.
  • What about using my radios overseas on a surveillance task?
    As with any radio equipment, if it requires a licence in the UK it will also require one in other jurisdictions.  Call us on 01454 610050 to discuss the options around this.
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By their very nature, surveillance operations need to draw absolutely no attention to their presence.  If they do the whole operation can be compromised, often with far reaching consequences.

This presents a supreme challenge from a communications perspective, but one which G6 is uniquely placed to address.

For 10 years we have been providing communications solutions to surveillance organisations and inviduals working across the world in countries as diverse as Iraq, Yemen and the UAE as well as within our own borders.

We will help you select the best platform and equipment for your specific operational needs and ensure that you fully understand the limitations that come with using communications equipment in a surveillance environment.

We can also ‘deep-fit’ both radio and audio/video equipment into any type of vehicle on two wheels, four wheels or more!

Click here to see our surveillance operator kit.

For a completely confidential consultation call our Managing Director Andrew Clark on his mobile number directly on +44 7768 501775, or email him andrew@g6-global.com

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