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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What is IP?
    IP stands for Internet Protocol.  It is the ‘language’ used by computers and network enabled devices to speak and route traffic across the internet.
  • Do I need special equipment to make this work?
    At this time, you need a radio with a network card on board.  In practice that would be a repeater.  Alternatively, you can connect a radio to a PC via a USB cable and it will work similarly.  But the second option has limitations and is more complex to set up.
  • Does it work with UHF and VHF radios?
    Yes.  As UHF and VHF are defined by the transceiver on board, this doesn’t affect the network elements.
  • Can I link UHF and VHF repeaters together?
    Yes.  This is one of the benefits of the system.  Even on the same site you can have one UHF repeater linked through a switch to a VHF repeater, allowing users on the two different frequency bands to talk to each other.
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Radio Over IP

Since the advent of commercial digital radio in 2007, the ability to link radio networks over an IP (Internet Protocol) based network, has revolutionised the industry.

Historically fixed private links would be required to join sites together, typically from a national telecommunications carrier such as BT or AT&T.  These were both expensive and the installation lead-times were often measured in weeks rather than days.

With the increase in Internet availability, and the way the new technology has been implemented, radio networks can now be created almost instantly wherever there is a reliable Internet connection.

It is now possible to have a control room in London speaking to radio users in the field in pretty much any location worldwide.

In addition, the software applications that have been developed to work with the digital radio technologies offer a whole new dimension to the professionalism of Control Room environment.

G6 has installed and controls many networks on behalf of its customer both throughout the UK and across the world.  For more information on how we can help you to expand and grow your network call us on +44 (0)1454 610050 or use the contact form on the right of the page to get in touch.

More information for Radio Over Ip will be added shortly.