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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What radios can I hire?
    Anything!  Analogue or digital, portable radio (walkie talkies), mobile radios, base stations and repeaters.  We have an extensive hire fleet capable of covering every possible requirement.
  • Do you hire ATEX radios?
    Yes we do.  You cna hire these for short periods or for longer durations; it’s your choice.
  • Can I hire covert radios and accessories?
    Yes.  To the best of our knowledge, G6 is the only company in the UK that has fully-covert kits in its hire fleet.
  • What about an operating licence?
    When you hire from us, you are covered by our business radio supplier licence, so you don’t have to do anything else.
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Radio Hire

Hiring a two-way radio system from G6 for short or long-term use has many benefits.  You are guaranteed the most up to date equipment supported by a knowledgeable and helpful technical team.  Good communications is the key to maximising efficiency in any workplace and a hire solution allows you to deploy a state of the art system with minimal capital outlay.

Hiring is ideal for many sectors including:

  • Construction
  • Sporting events and arenas
  • Film location scouting or shooting
  • Concerts and carnivals
  • Shop watch and pub watch
  • Hotels
  • Schools colleges and many more
  • Surveillance & close protection
  • Oil & gas

For surveillance operations a totally covert approach is required.  G6 is the only company in the UK offering fully covert personal and vehicle radio options for hire.  The equipment is provided in a unique package and is ready to use right out of the bag.  Our covert hire option is available 24 hours a day for that short notice task you didn’t see coming.

All radios are licensed allowing you to benefit from the improved performance offered by these radios over the cheaper and less capable ‘licence free’ options, and G6 secure all of the necessary licences for operation within the cost of the hire.

In London, you will also benefit from access to THE GRID, G6’s fully secure London-wide digital radio network.

From single radios to an entire network, we can provide for any solution from our extensive, modern, hire fleet

There are many factors to cosider when hiring equipment.  Here are some of them:

  • Nature of the event/activity which will determine the type of radios and accessories required
    • Construction
    • Concert
    • Conference
    • Surveillance
  • Location of the event will determine the frequency range required
    • City
    • Countryside
    • Inside
    • Outside
    • Park
    • Forest
    • Tunnel
  • Coverage area required, this will determine if ?repeaters' are needed to enhance coverage
  • Special features such as the ability to make private calls between radios
  • Specific considerations such as explosive environments
  • Our 'Short Guide to Radio Hire' is available to download and will give you somewhere to start.