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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What is ATEX?
    ATEX is an EU directive describing what equipment can be used in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.
  • Do my radios have to be ATEX compliant?
    That will depend on the specific site you are operating on and on the risk of explosion.  The site or plant safety manager will advise on this.
  • Are ATEX compliant radios more expensive?
    Yes they are, a lot more expensive.  This is due to the way they are manufactured.  For this reason, many users choose to hire their radio rather than buy them.  If you want to hire any radios just call us on 01454 610050 to discuss the options.
  • What is FMIS?
    Factory Mutual Intrinsically Safe defines equipment that can be used in hazardous and explosive environments.  This is a US standard but is accepted in many other countries.  Until the ATEX directive was introduced by the EU it was also acceptable across much of Europe.
  • Can I use standard accessories on ATEX radios?
    Yes you can, but it will invalidate their ATEX rating.  We recommend you use the genuine ATEX rated accessories.
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Oil & Gas

Operating in the oil, gas & petrochemical environments demands the observation of strict safety standards for all systems, including radios.  The safety of employees in these environments is critical, and the HSE implications are severe.

To operate radio equipment successfully in these conditions requires knowledge and experience.  ATEX hand portable radios operate at just 500mW severely limiting their range.  This requires special consideration when planning a network to ensure consistent coverage is maintained throught the area of operations.

The new digital radios provide many features not previously available, such as the ability to set geofences that will alarm when a user enters or leaves a hazardous area.

Click here to see our range of ATEX approved radios.

For more information on how we can help you with the planning and implementation of radio systems in hazardous environments, call us now on +44 (0)1454 610050.

More information for Oil & Gas will be added shortly.