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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • Why do I need to plan my network?
    For the same reason that you plan every other aspect of your operation.  It may seem simple but there are many factors to consider and it is better to do that at the planning stage rather than during a real operation.
  • What information do you need to help us plan?
    The best option is for you to paint a ‘pen-picture’ of how you want to operate.  Our process will then kick in and lead you through the process.
  • What about licences?
    We will handle this.  In the UK we regularly engage with OFCOM to provide customers with licences.  We can also assist with overseas agencies in many jurisdictions.
  • I'm in a hurry! How quickly can you do this?
    Usually within 24 hours.  The completed plan will depend on the size and complexity of your network, but the sooner you talk to us the sooner we cna get it underway.
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Network Planning

The following saying is as true today as it was when first spoken:  “If you fail to plan you plan to fail!”

 Planning your communications requirements for a project or field operation should be treated with as much care as any other aspect of the task.  Sadly this is often not the case, with the comms element being relegated to a single line item in the overall budget with the ordering of equipment left until the last possible moment.

The results are all too predictable and, sadly, all too frequent.  Wrong equipment, poor coverage and general lacklustre performance of the system; if it can even be called a ‘system’.

The overriding reason for this is ignorance: not in a nasty way but in a ‘lack of knowledge’ way.  Often people are frightened of what they don’t understand, so rather than addressing this they ignore it.  Unless you are an IT professional, you wouldn’t attempt to plan and implement your own IT requirements, so why take the same approach with your communications, which can be every bit as complicated and fickle as an IT network.

Licensing is also a key component of network planning.  In the UK we will liaise with OFCOM on your behalf to secure the licences that you need to operate legally.  Overseas we will work with you in your operational jurisdiction to ensure you comply with the necessary regulations.

With G6 as your partner we will undertake all of this for you.  Click on the ‘more details’ tab for an overview of what is involved or just call us on +44 (0)1454 610050 and tell us what you are planning.

Nework planning begins with the need for us to gain a full understanding of what you are trying to achieve both operationally and technically.

The ideal starting point is for you to present us with a detailed operational scenario, describing the type of operation you want to undertake, locations, number of users and the type of traffic you want the system to handle i.e. voice, data, text messages, poisiton location information etc.

From this we will begin to build a basic communications outline plan. As we develop the plan, in consultation with you, we will add layers of detail until the process is complete and we all understand exactly how the system is going to perform.

This process is equally valid if we are planning a small local network or a multi-country, multi-site, IP interconnected, combined voice and data network with satellite links to remote outstations as well as point-to-point microwave for local delivery of voice and data services.

We have a tried and tested process for this that will result in the network you need performing exactly as you want. So if you have no idea where to start, just give us a call on +44 (0)1454 610050 and we can begin the process right away.