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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • Can you supply military radios?
    We can access any commercially available radio system, including models such as the Thales MBITR.  But some radios are more sensitive than others and there can be complications.  Best thing to do is call us on 01454 610050 to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Will commercial radios work with military radios?
    It depends on the frequency band in use and whether or not any encryption is used.  Many bands are compatible and there are usually commercial radios working on the same bands as military radios, but the encryption is almost always non-compatible.
  • Will commercial radios be durable enough for use in a military environment?
    You need to select the correct model, but many radios have the MIL STD 810 D/E/F rating which renders them rugged enough for use in a military environment.
  • What type of COTS solutions can you provide?
    Anything.  You tell use the operational parameters and we will put together a solution to exactly fit those requirements.
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Within the defence community, it is often necessary to deploy Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions, where a traditional ‘green army’ military style system would be neither appropriate nor desirable.

G6 has extensive experience working with a variety of UK and overseas military units, including Special Forces from a range of countries, in specifying, packaging, delivering and supporting COTS packages for use in environments from Iraq and Afghanistan to Africa and the Arctic Circle.

Many of our staff are ex-military including former Special Forces Communicators (SFC’s) from within the UKSF community, and technicians and engineers from a variety of other military backgrounds.

Our speed of reaction and ability to innovate makes us the first choice for many Government Departments and military units.

If you need assistance with any kind of COTS operation, call us on +44 (0)1454 610050 to discuss your requirement in complete confidence.

More information for Defence will be added shortly.
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