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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What is a 'codeplug'?
    A codeplug is the generic name given to the programme put into a radio to define its various features.
  • How do I create a codeplug?
    Unless you really understand what you are doing, it is best to leave this to your radio provider.
  • Can I learn to programme a radio myself?
    Indeed you can.  We run regular training courses that will teach you how to do this at Basic, Intermediate & Advance levels.
  • How is a codeplug loaded into a radio?
    Most radios have an interface lead that connects to a laptop and some software on the laptop that allows the profile (codeplug) to be written into the memory of the radio.
  • What parameters can be changed in my radio?
    That depends on the radio, but common ones are frequency, PL tone or CTCSS on analogue radios, and colour code and contact group on digital radios.
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Codeplug Writing

Most professional radios need to have some form of programming to make them operate.  This is done using a cable that connects the radio to a computer, and a piece of programming software specific to the radio.  This software is often referred to as CPS or Customer Programming Software, and the programmes created in the software and loaded into the radios are referred to as ‘codeplugs’.

To maximise the effectiveness of your radio system, the radios themselves need to be correctly programmed.  It is a fact that 85% of radios deployed make use of just the most basic features, whilst 50% of radios are used straight out of the box with no additional form of programming; in many cases this use is illegal.

Our extensive experience of designing and writing codeplugs for both analogue and digital radios will ensure that you get the most out of you system.  We can even do this remotely for you by supplying you with the relevant programming cable and then useing a remote desktop programme to access the radios from our base in Bristol.

For more information on how we cna help optimise your network, call us on +44 (0)1454 610050 or email andrew@g6-global.com


More information for Codeplug Writing will be added shortly.