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Frequenty Asked Questions
  • What radios are good to use for CP work?
    To be honest, pretty much any radio is OK for CP work.  But of you want something small, light and compact, look at the Hytera X1E.  You cna find it on our site.
  • Can I use high power vehicle mounted radios with my team?
    Subject to the correct licence, yes you can.  This can be a tricky area and we discover many team actually operating illegally because their current radio provider has not advised them properly.  Call us on 01454 610050 and we can explain it further.
  • I'm a TL and want to track my team using the radio network; is this possible?
    Yes it is if you have GPS capable radios.  You will also need the correct software and connection to a network.  It sounds complicated but we can do all of this for you, and if you are in London, you can connect to THE GRID, G6’s network, which makes it much easier.
  • Do radios have a 'panic button' capability?
    Most digital radios do.  It can be set up to alarm on other radios or, if you are using a C3 package, on a PC also showing location if you have GPS enabled radios.
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Close Protection

Close Protection is a specialist occupation and that makes communications required to support it specialised too.  To guarantee that you will get the solution that is truly right for you, you need to speak to a company that truly understands the requirements of this user group.

G6 has been providing support to CP teams both in the UK and beyond for the past 15 years.  We work with teams who’s responsibility it is to protect some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the world.

This extends not only to the individual CPO’s themselves, but to their support vehicles, Principals vehicles, Operations Rooms and Residential Security Teams (RST’s).  If you want a communications package that is fit for purpose and will not let you down, then the only company to speak to is G6.

Click here to see our individual CP Operators Kit.

THE GRID is G6?s secure London-wide digital radio network used exclusively by security companies, CP teams and surveillance operators.

With a handheld radio (4W) coverage extends across the whole area bordered by the North/South Circular roads. This will vary depending on specific locations and will be reduced if you areĀ inside a building or in a car. Using a higher power vehicle based radio, coverage extends out to the M25 London Orbital motorway and. in certain areas, well beyond that.

The network can be accessed on a permanent or occasional basis with a tariff of covering all requirements.

For more information, call us on 01454 610050.